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Cooking, drinking, cleaning, bathing… Water plays a vital role in our houses as well as our bodies. You must be able to rely on it being absolutely clean.

Next to lime scale and iron, there are a number of other elements that can influence the taste and odour of your water: sand or rust particles, but also chemicals (like chlorine), and remnants of pesticides can have an effect. Our high-performance central active carbon filters are a perfect solution to these problems.

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too soft

Drinking water originates from rainfall; even spring water started out as rain. The hardness depends on the journey this rain water makes. During this journey, the ground water takes on impurities. Two of those ‘ impurities ‘ are the minerals calcium and magnesium – these make the water hard.

Hard water has many disadvantages. It will typically leave a layer of lime on the hair, making the hair coarse and dull. Hard water also damages the protective layer of oil on our skin, making it dry and sensitive. But not only for our body hard water is a problem. The mineral deposits hard water leaves behind in heating elements and domestic appliances significantly reduce the life expectancy of these appliances.

Erie has water softeners that are suitable for every flow and for every type of installation. Usually, the lime filtration is combined with the filtering of sediments, iron, manganese and even chemicals.

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Iron, h2s, and manganese
are a problem

Why would you want the iron removed? Because you want crystal clear, odourless water. And because you know what the eff ects of iron in water can be. Water containing iron typically has a reddish/brownish colour. This is the most evident disadvantage.

Iron in water also gives it a metal taste, which is far from appetizing. The presence of iron in water can cause brownish stains on your dishes, laundry, taps and sinks. These stains are unwanted guests. Even without the rusty, unpalatable colour, (tap) water can still contain an excessive level of iron, in a dissolved state or as minuscule iron particles.



You don’t want any sand, mud, rust particles or other contamination in your water. You know these can be harmful. Water problems caused by sediments of any kind is an important cause of damage to the indoor plumbing and appliances. A filter placed in the main water line is an easy and efficient way to solve this problem.

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