Erie Water Treatment plays an important part in the global safeguarding of healthy drinking water. Whether it’s water softeners, iron filters or whole house filters, Erie Water Treatment’s products heighten people’s level of comfort and living standards worldwide.


Erie Water Treatment generates large ecological benefits. We develop and commercialize products which contribute to optimal preservation of our most valuable natural resource: water. At the same time, these products have the utmost respect for the environment. We’re proud to say that all production and development is done according to the principles of Earth Safe Technology.


All our products are marketed through our own, well-trained distribution partners. Erie Water Treatment thinks of and focuses on the long term. We value, cherish and nurture the relationships we have with our partners. At the end of the day we depend on each other: their success is our success.


As one of the oldest companies in the water treatment industry, we have the right to say we have an unmatched wealth of experience we can tap into. Erie Water Treatment has been a pioneer and innovator in developing and producing water treatment devices for over 70 years.

about us

Erie manufacturing company was founded on January 9th, 1943 when Henry Alfrey purchased the machinery and assets of a small manufacturing company at 200 East Erie Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA). Although the first products were emergency oxygen systems for military aircraft, Erie soon became a pioneer and innovator in ‘devices to control flows’, for application in oxygen, HVAC and water treatment systems.

In 1947 Erie was the very first company ever in the world, to develop and manufacture an auto­matic regeneration control valve for ion exchange water softeners.

Shortly after the turn of the century, after almost 60 years of development and manufacture of control valves, the strategic decision was taken to focus on complete water treatment systems and solutions, for use in a wide range of applications, like residential, commercial hospitality,…

erie water treatment is set out to remain at the forefront of the global water treatment industry.

Erie now Pentair


A rich history

Erie is founded in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin (USA).

Erie develops the world’s very first
automatic regeneration control
valve for water softening.

Subsidiary in Europe (Belgium)
to develop the European market
is established.

1971 – 1985
From the world’s first plastic control
valve to rotor operated and
volume controlled control valve.
Erie has always been a pioneer

First proprietary cabinet housing for
residential softener is introduced

Erie decides to shifts its focus
from control valves to complete
water treatment systems.

Erie enters a new market segment
with it’s H2Optimo hot water
softener for commercial hospitality

Aquion Xian
is founded

Erie introduces a complete range of
industrial water treatment systems.

Aquion is acquired by Pentair.

A bright future

Earth Safe technologie

Erie Water Treatment has its own label to differentiate itself: the Earth Safe Technology-label. This label guarantees:

  • The use of ‘green’ technology in all products, based on natural processes that don’t harm the environment.
  • That the use of Erie Water Treatment products results in important direct and indirect sustainable environmental benefits, such as better use of available water, energy saving, and reduced usage of harmful chemicals.
  • Products designed and manufactured to operate with an unrivalled efficiency.

Earth Safe Technology gives businesses and consumers worldwide the opportunity to become ‘greener’; to reduce their ecological footprint. Erie Water Treatment helps everyone
to respect our precious water.