Our mission is to develop durable solutions
that improve the quality of everyday life.

4 elements are paramount in our philosophy:



Erie water treatment is aware of its important role to protect the world’s scarce water resources and therefore takes great pride in developing and selling products that positively contribute to the preservation of this valuable natural resource. Therefore all erie water treatment products are developed and manufactured in accordance with our EarthSafe Technology philosophy.


Besides their ecological and economic benefits, our products also contribute greatly to the user’s comfort. No matter if it’s a water softener, an iron removal filter or a drinking water purification system, our products all help to raise the user’s standard of living.


All our products are distributed through a worldwide network of dedicated and well-trained distribution partners. As we strongly believe in a long term approach, we value, cherish and nurture these relationships we have with our partners. Because at the end of the day: their business is our business!


Erie water treatment is one of the oldest companies in the water treatment industry. As the pioneer of design and manufacture of automatic control valves for water softeners since 1947, it is clear that we can rightfully say: we have the experience!